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Thick Waist Beads

Thick Waist Beads

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⭐️Waist beads

⭐️Colour as seen in the picture

⭐️Handmade in Ghana 

⭐️Tie on beads

⭐️Made with mainly glass & crystal seeds 

⭐️Strand length from 40 - 50

⭐️Can be worn as an anklet or bracelet

⭐️Helps in maintaining weight

⭐️Some lock beads instead of tie on but majority are tie on

⭐️Quality guaranteed! 


  • Waist training
  • Weight Loss Tracking
  • Weight Control
  • Body Adornment, Decoration & Edification
  • Supports Fertility and overall Yoni Wellness
  • Helps with Embracing Sexuality & Sensuality

History of Waist Beads: 

 Waist beads was worn to signify the beginning of womanhood and to represent fertility. Waist beads worn back in the day was often given to a young woman by her mother to mark her transition into womanhood and her sexuality.

 Waist beads colour & their meaning:

Your waist beads are rich with symbolism. Each colour is associated with a specific meaning. Here are some:

  • Brown – Down-to-earth and stability
  • Gold – Good health, power, and wealth
  • Green – Abundance, fertility, nature, and prosperity
  • Red – Confidence and vitality
  • Turquoise – Communication and self-awareness
  • White – Light, truth and purity
  • Yellow – Energy, joy, and happiness
  • Black – Power, elegance, sophistication, and protection
  • Blue – Loyalty and truth
  • Orange – Courage, self-confidence, and vitality
  • Pink – Care, beauty, love, and kindness
  • Purple – Royalty, spirituality, and wisdom

What are the waist beads made from? 

African waist beads may be made from glass, nuts, wood, or metal which are pierced, and hung on a string or threaded. They are often worn around the hips or waist. Our waist beads are made mainly with sand beads, seed beads, glass beads and crystal beads.


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